Warmth & Nourishment

ONE Hearth is a mobile, wood-fired oven & catering service for Vermont, slinging pizza, salad and other delights. While this concept isn’t novel, we believe it’s not what you do, but how you do it. Among our core team, we have almost two decades of experience working at and managing some of the finest pizza joints around. Our oven & crew can be found at rehearsal & reception dinners, staff parties, and community & private events across the state. We help to provide Vermont, in particular Chittenden County, with soul satisfying food that hearkens back to our primitive roots, singed by fire. This is food for the people; fresh, delicious and from this fertile land we call home.

Community & Culture

Vermont's communities, like it's inhabitants, carry a rugged strength. As Vermonters, we can sometimes be a bit hard-headed and proud of this fact. With that said, we are tenacious, hearty and take pride in everything we do.  This is readily seen in our trades work, where you will find some of the finest craftsmanship around, and in our agricultural & food system, which is one of the healthiest, most sustainable in the country. We are the most locally resourced food state in the nation! We are farmers & hunters, musicians & artists, rednecks & hippies, creators & dreamers, liberals & libertarians, thinkers & makers, wanderers & weirdos, but above all we are Vermonters ( the "t" is silent). Above all, we know the value of people, from every viewpoint and background. We can do anything when we work together.