The Birth of ONE Hearth


In April 2014, Tucker Levy received a Skype call from Chiang Mai, Thailand. He was pleasantly surprised to find his good friend Colin Pratt on the other end of a distorted line, halfway around the world. Tales were swapped, laughs were had, and the pair decided to band together a couple of other wandering friends and find a spot to rent in Burlington's Old North End

It was written. A sheer stroke of luck, or destiny, perhaps. The first apartment the crew looked at was the one, the selling point being the large and fertile backyard. The Spring earth was broken, and gardens went in before they even moved in. World Cup Fever went pandemic, music and games ensued, and the home became a congregating place throughout the Summer for friends, family and strangers. This was the budding ground of ONE Hearth. 


"One of the many blessings that came to us this  summer was the NOFA-VT Mobile Pizza Oven." Started by Executive Director Enid Wonnacott in 2006, the oven serves as a outreach tool for the organization, and its farm and education partners throughout Vermont. With Enid's guidance and the helping hands of countless volunteers, Tucker ran the traveling hearth for the 2014 season. "The oven commonly found its way into the backyard, much to our delight". The dormant heat leftover from events was used to cook chickens, vegetables and pizzas for our Chum Family. When in need of help, Tucker frequently called on Colin's deft and experienced pizza-making hands to help and occasionally run the operation. "Between the magic of the first event we worked together at the Annual Strawberry Festival at Cedar Circle Farm in East Thetford, VT and a Fourth of July Celebration to be remembered at our home, a partnership had formed. ONE Hearth became an inevitable reality."