Colin Pratt- Owner/Founder/Spiritual Brother

A native Vermonter, born in Addison County, Colin has deep roots embedded in Vermont's community and history over multiple generations.  At age 16, however, the wanderlust kicked in full force pushing him to explore, create and become a student of the world.  With few attachments and responsibilities, having left formal education a few years prior and being self-supporting as an emancipated minor, Colin began a traveling lifestyle throughout the nation & abroad. Road tripping, hitchhiking and exploration into the hidden gems of our country's wildernesses, deserts & mountains became the norm.  Many summers, Colin would return to Vermont and spend time working in the trades or veggie farming, with the exception of the summers of 2005-2007, when he worked as a manager and pizza cook at Ramunto's Pizza in Middlebury (now Nino's). Naturally, he honed his pizza making skills during this time period.  October through March, however, travel would lead him to explore Latin America, Europe,  Asia, and many winters spent island hopping and sailing throughout the Caribbean.  Colin believes one of the keys to a fulfilling life lies in diversity and its celebration.  It's what enables us to build appreciation & love for what we as humans create: music, art, and in the case, food.  The powerful lessons learned from exploring this world with wide eyes and an open heart continue to shape Colin's knowledge and passion for culture & community.

In 2010, after helping on the delivery of a sailboat from the BVI's to the Virginia, Colin returned home to a blissful Vermont Summer.  The inspirations and influences of that time period led him west, to California. Having already spent several winters on the West Coast, he hung his hat and became a somewhat settled resident for a few years. During this time period, Colin primarily worked as a representative in the Bay Area for Capay Organic Farm, located in Davis, California's first organically certified farm.  However, needing to escape the city life frequently, much time was spent working and care-taking on friend's farms and properties throughout Northern California.  Permaculture, compost brewing techniques and the study of soil science were added to Colin's long list of interests & hobbies.  "My time working within agriculture in California was extremely enlightening. The merging of modern techniques with age old growing knowledge in organic farming and land management is truly inspiring."

Ultimately Colin realized that Vermont is home, even though, as a wanderer he has questioned this fact time and again.  "The strength of our community and our ability to empower, question and motivate each other has always drawn me back. I truly believe we are creating a new model in Vermont by showing that small organic farms and home gardening can truly make a change within our larger food and agricultural systems, and in my mind, this is one of the largest issues we face in our time."

Colin also has an extensive background in the trades and contracting industries. He is currently an employee and business partner of Cold Hollow Contracting ( which specializes in slate, copper and  custom sheet metal working. 

Tucker Levy- Owner/Founder/Spiritual Brother

Born in the Queen City, raised in Weybridge, Vermont is home. Tucker walks a more traditional but equally passionate path through life.  Younger years were spent in fantastic woodland kingdoms where imagination reigned supreme. Being the offspring of talented cooks, he helped out in the kitchen almost as soon as he could take directions. Like any budding chef, cereal mastery came first, that perfect ratio of milk to sweetened grain. Next, bunny noodles (hint: think mac & cheese in a purple box). With those staples under his belt the sky seemed the limit. Alas, as time passed Tucker's primary obsessions shifted towards kicking balls and flying down mountains. Scholastic ambitions ran high, centered around a knack for math & science.

After graduating from Middlebury Union High School in 2005, Tucker crossed hill and dale (literally only one) to focus on Environmental Studies & Geology at Middlebury College. It wasn't until this point that Tucker realized he had been cooking his whole life. In many ways he had taken for granted Vermont's nourishing bounty, with the exception of milk. In fact, he refused to drink anything but Monument Farms Dairy milk until his 20s.  "To be honest, the only reason I went to Middlebury College was the Monument Farms on tap."

In terms of food, college was a reawakening period for Tucker. Tastebuds evolved and once hated flavors were embraced. Six months studying abroad in Spain, and trips to Italy, Greece and Turkey changed his concept of food forever, as he ate to uncover these Mediterranean cultures. Upon return to Vermont, it was clear that food had become his passion and the fire was stoked. The Summer of 2008 was spent interning at Blue Ledge Farm in Leiscester, making goat cheese, tending to the animals, running the farmer's market stand, and gardening.  

After graduating in 2009, Tucker worked for his father's company, Summit Technologies in Williston, VT, helping design and install enterprise Wi-Fi networks across the Eastern Seaboard. During this period, Tucker read every cookbook he could get his hands on and cooked extravagant meals on a daily basis, honing his technique, hungry for knowledge and experience. By the Spring of 2011, it was clear that it was time to leave Vermont. Manifest destiny hit hard, and he made the pilgrimage to California to work at the Boonville Hotel in Mendocino County's mystical Anderson Valley. The hotel has been owned and operated by the Schmitt Family, founders of the Napa Valley's prestigious French Laundry, for over 25 years. This was a period of intense growth and education. Tucker worked in the kitchen helping Chef Brennon Moore execute his seasonal, prix-fixe, family style menu for two wonderful years. "It was like getting paid to go cooking school. I had hands on training from Johnny (Schmitt) and Brennon on a daily basis. Truly, twas one of the best experiences of my life." The restaurant exposed him to some of the best food and drink in the country, and sent him to Italy for a two-week cooking school in 2012 and even a class on cooking with wood-fired ovens. 

By the Summer of 2013 it was time to return home. Family called and he was ready to once again put his efforts into the state he loves so dearly. Since then he has helped manage the kitchen at the Old Brick Store in Charlotte, worked on his father's new business venture, run the NOFA-VT mobile wood-fired oven, and even cooked for a couple months at Blueberry Hill Inn, in Goshen, where his parents started their journey long ago. 

Tucker is a lover & a friend, a brother & a son. Creativity & humor are his bedrock. Music flows throughout.