Our Food

"From Vermont, For Vermont." That's our mantra. We go out of our way to source our ingredients from as close to home as possible. Like many Vermonters, we know unquestionably that some of the world's best food is produced in our tiny state. Our ruminants, swine and feathered friends are the fattest. Our fruits and vegetables grow like weeds. And our weeds grow like, well, weeds. Our syrup and honey are the sweetest, and suffer from no lack of, how do you say, ter-whar. The beer and cider.... c'mon, we have more microbreweries than any state per-capita and clearly lead the charge in the cider department . And the dairy! THE MILK! THE BUTTER! THE CHEESE! Nothing more need be said. Oh, maybe we should mention that none of this could be possible without the most passionate, talented and authentic farmers in the Union. Flatlanders, feel free to disagree, but keep in mind that we aren't listening at all. 

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